Friends and Fitness First


All Abilities Athletics, Inc. offers first-class sports programs for kids with special needs, such as those with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Aicardi syndrome, sensory processing disorder, attention-deficit disorder, brain and spinal cord injuries, and other developmental and physical conditions. 

Our mission is to provide positive sports opportunities that give our Athletes a chance to participate, have fun, build self- esteem, and make new friends.  Our team is made up of caring people that have a passion for helping kids with special needs.  Many of them have professional backgrounds in areas that work with kids with special needs and can offer athletes tremendous support and guidance to help them get the most out of our programs.  While our programs are not meant to take the place of occupational, language, or behavioral therapy, our skilled volunteers will be there keeping an eye on how the athletes are interacting with each other, and support their developing social skills by giving cues as needed to facilitate friendships being made.

By building a first-class sports organization for kids with special needs, and increasing the understanding and awareness of people with special needs within our community, we foresee a strengthened, happier, united community that can feel good about the good it is doing. 

Beyond the sports we offer, our event days offer parents of kids with special needs an opportunity to visit with each other, share experiences, and lend each other support. 


Event Day

The All Abilities Athletics Event Day is always a special moment in time when numerous Athletes, Volunteers, Buddies and Parents gather for one hour of sports related fun and fitness. Friends greet returning friends... and meet new friends in the process. They all get to enjoy...

Kickball The classic game of kickball served up for our players to have a blast!

Track Players don’t have to be fast, they just have to want to try!  Participation is the name of the game.

Soccer Run! Run! Run!  Your sensory seeker will love chasing the ball and trying to score!

Bowling Everybody loves bowling!

Open Play Everybody plays!

and The Sensory Area Some kids can start to feel overwhelmed if they get too excited or frustrated.  The Sensory Area is the perfect area for them to have a little bit of quiet fun time.  Activities in this area are designed and monitored by our volunteer occupational therapists and special education teachers. 

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Our Athletes range from ages 3 to 16 and have varying challenges, but all arrive smiling and leave happy as they get to be just like any other kid and interact with peers, volunteers and buddies... 

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Parents should not worry if their child is prone to bouts of frustration- our skilled volunteers will be on hand to help with that as well.  We understand that kids with special needs may all, at some time or another, have some rough moments.

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Buddies give athletes, we see opportunity for their growth as well:  the work they do with our athletes will increase their own awareness and understanding of kids with special needs, and will help form them into ambassadors for kids with special needs off the field.


Nov 11


Nov 11, 2017 | 1:30 p.m.

Lamborghini Gold Coast – St. Charles

Nov 19

Event Day ~ Sullivan High School ~ Sullivan MO

Nov 05